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WESEF Full Details and Reminders - Please share with your students!

Dear Teachers:

As we approach WESEF 2017 here are a few tips, reminders and rules that we would like you to share with your WESEF participants:


●     All students MUST set up their posters at Sleepy Hollow HS on Friday, March 3 between 4:30pm and 8:00pm in order to be eligible to present at WESEF.

○     Either the student, parent, friend, or teacher may set up the board - the fair participant does not need to be present at the Friday drop-off. 

○     Failure to have board set up off and set-up for final inspection by this time will result in a disqualification.

○     There should be no mention of the research institution or the mentor anywhere on the poster.

○     All aspects of the display must be completely assembled with title, slides, and any additional materials/ props that will appear on the table. All materials, other than laptops, will remain in place from Friday, March 3rd through Saturday, March 4th (4:00pm)

○     New rule: Abstracts of any type are NOT allowed. No form of the abstract should be on the table, the poster or handed out in any way.


●     New set up procedure on Friday, March 3rd: In attempt to expedite the check-in process, students will no longer be required to have their poster previewed at the registration table. Students (or whomever is setting up the poster) will:


  • set up their display (poster) and then fill out and turn in our new “Check-Out Participation Waiver”.



●     WESEF poster regulations:

  • not taller than 72 inches including the title
  • not wider than 48 inches when opened
  • not deeper than 3 feet from front to back when opened
  • not have any names of school, research locations, lab, on the poster/table
  • not have any names of mentor, parent, teacher, on the poster/table
  • not have any abstract of any type on the poster/table

●     Judge recruiting: We appreciate your effort to help WESEF increase the amount of judges to match the increasing amount of participants. We have been/will be in touch with the teachers that still need to recruit judges.

●     Wi-Fi at WESEF: There will NOT be any Wi-Fi access at Sleepy Hollow HS.

●     Electricity at WESEF: If a student needs electricity at their booth for an integral part of their presentation, then they can request it. This should be done by the teacher emailing Angelo Piccirillo ( with the names of the students that need electricity. This must be done by Friday, Feb. 24th.

○     Please remind students and parents that a request for electricity at their booth is a “request” and not a “demand”.

○     Please double check that the students that are requesting electricity will be using it directly for their project and not just to charge their phone.

○     While we try to honor these requests, we strongly suggest that students have a backup plan in case we are not able to accommodate this request.


●     Dietary Restrictions: Many teachers/students have requested a vegetarian or gluten free lunch. While we will do our best to accommodate everyone, it is impossible for us to provide alternatives for every possible dietary restriction. Please remind students that are have dietary restrictions and/or allergies that they should consider bringing their own lunch and snacks. There won’t be any vending machines nor will the cafeteria be open.

●     Posterboard/display takedown: 4:00-4:30

○     Students that did not stay at their poster until the public open house was over (4:00pm) will not be eligible for any award.

○     Poster and all materials must be removed from the gym but you are able to leave your poster in the lobby until after the awards ceremony.

○     Any materials that are left at Sleepy Hollow HS overnight will be disposed of.

●     Dinner: WESEF hosts a buffet dinner at Sleepy Hollow HS for $20/person (must be prepaid.) If you are interested in participating in the buffet dinner at Sleepy Hollow HS before the awards ceremony then please respond to the email that was sent out by Rachel Koenigstein (

●     Last minute drop outs: If you have any students that will not be participating in WESEF, Please, Please, Please email Angelo Piccirillo immediately  This is essential if we are to adjust our judging packets.

●     Awards ceremony: 7:00-9:00pm

○     2017 awards ceremony will be held in the gymnasium to allow for more people.

○     Parents, siblings, friends, are welcome at the awards ceremony but are asked to sit in the bleachers and leave all floor seats for the students, teachers and sponsors.

○     Students do not have to be present at the awards ceremony to win an award.

○     Students that did not stay at their poster until the public open house was over (4:00pm) will not be eligible for any award.


Presently we have a record setting of more than 520 projects and your help is absolutely necessary. We look forward to once again making WESEF a great experience for all of your students and your attention to these details is absolutely necessary for this to occur.



The WESEF Committee


Info for teachers: Registering your students for WESEF 2017

Welcome back teachers, we hope that have had a success start to the school year and are already busy helping your research students’ prepare for WESEF 2017!

WESEF online registration is now open. Please go to and read the directions very carefully. Here are some key points to remember when registering for your students:

▪  Only teachers can set a school account and register students (deadline Nov 30th, 2016).  
All schools must register online. 

▪  All schools must print final submission of online registration; send hard copy to:

 Angelo Piccirillo - WESEF SRC Chair

 Ossining High School

 29 South Highland Avenue

 Ossining, NY 10562


▪  In addition to hard copy of school final registration, the following must be included in your school's entry:

All required forms and detailed research plan typed with all required signatures. Make sure all signature dates are prior to beginning of research as reported in form 1A. (Please note that Form 1C should be completed AFTER experimentation and thesemust be RECEIVED no later than Feb 2nd, 2017). 

We strongly encourage you to have each student run through the Intel ISEF Forms Wizard to determine which forms are required.


▪  A check(s) made out to WESEF; $50 dollars per student- NOT per project, if team.

▪  Research plan in future tense and make sure that you identify mentor role versus student role when necessary (i.e.- mentor did liver extraction and provided hepatic tissue to student)

▪  ALL materials must be postmarked to Angelo Piccirillo by Wednesday December 7th, 2016.  

Teachers will be contacted with revisions/ additional forms required for each project.  These additional forms and the RESEARCH PAPER must be RECEIVED by February 2nd, 2017.   

There will be no exceptions to any deadlines.  Failure to complete these steps will lead to disqualification of student projects.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about the registration process or forms.  


Teachers - Looking to Motivate your Students?

Share the official INTEL ISEF 2010 webpage with your students:

Check out the video collection, isef gallery and schedule for the week's activities.