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Best of Luck to the WESEF Finalists presenting this week at INTEL ISEF in LA!


Here are the Finalists at their Posters, representing WESEF at the INTEL International Science & Engineering Fair.  In total there were close to 1800 student competitors from over 60 different countries across the globe! 

Matt Wrubel and Erik Santini
Yorktown High School
Project Title: Compressed Air Energy Storage


Adam Illowsky
Ossining High School
Project Title: The MAPT H1 Haplotype is Associated with an Increased Clinical and Neuropathological Severity of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy


Xinxin Du
Scarsdale High School
Project Title: An Exploratory Investigation of miRNA Regulation of ACSL-4 in Androgen Deprivation Therapy Resistant Prostate Cancer


Sam Goldman
Pelham High School
Project Title: Structural Snapshots of K lactis Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase trapped with Transition State Analog Inhibitors


Liz Sobolik
Sleepy Hollow High School
Project Title: Generating iPSCs from Human Adipocyte Tissue for Differentiation into Nociceptive Neurons


Ben Ross
Ossining High School
Project Title: An Optimized Analysis of Wind Flows in the Urban Environment and the Identification of Feasible Building Augmented Wind Turbine Sites


Karan Desai
Edgemont High School
Project Title: Loss of TDP43 in Motor Neurons Leads to Deficits in Axonal RNAs in an Animal Model of ALS


Charlotte Herber
Fox Lane High School
Project Title: Evidence of Toll-like Receptor Nine-Mediated Amelioration of Amyloid Pathology in a TgSwDI Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease


Zhun Che, Julia Kavanagh, and Luke Hellum
Pelham High School
Project Title: Identification of Genes Involved in Metabolism and Toxicity of Host-Derived Toxin Methylglyoxal in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium smegmatis


 Alex Kaufman
Horace Greeley High School
Project Title: Constructing an HBV Reporter Virus


Ari Kanevsky
Ossining High School
Project Title: Development of a Novel Machine Learning Algorithm to Monitor Vascular Tissue Transfers Using Speech Classification Techniques


Ivan Paskov
Edgemont High School
Project Title: Predicting Cancer Drug Response using Nuclear Norm Multi-Task Learning


Alyson Winter and Abigail Kamen
Ossining High School
Project Title: Psychosocial Variables Affecting Breast Cancer Quality of Life

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